Tumblr Blog

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You can now pull your Tumblr blog directly into your site. No more iframe embedding, accessibility and SEO hit, or work arounds to try and blend your blog in with the rest of your design. You can now style your blog and all it's components the same way you would style the rest of your content in Muse. You can pull apart and layout posts however you want, and paginate through all your posts simply and easily.

Using a small and simple PHP file downloadable from us, your content is pulled directly from Tumblr in real time and included in your site. That means that when screen readers and search engine bots crawl your site, they will see your blog as it is. It also means that your content is never out of date. You can use Tumblr as your blogging platform and have all of the features available through their tools right out of the gate. This includes the ability to be able to post from their mobile app or their website, as well as features like reblogging which allows users to share their content with their friends.

With support for all the available kinds of Tumblr posts, you can now add videos, pictures, rich text, and other kinds of blog posts to your site with very little effort. You can use the system as a more classic style blog, with Titles and rich text posts, or you can use it as a microblogging platform and share all kinds of things with your users.