LR Deck

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Image Gallery Content Management for Adobe Muse, only from 123Muse!

Our new LR Deck widget offers full image content management with great looking galleries inside Adobe Muse. Add our LR Deck widget to your Adobe Muse site and you can manage all your image galleries creating, editing and updating albums and images right through Adobe Lightroom.
Give your customers content control of their image galleries like never before in Adobe Muse. In addition to using Lightroom, both tablets and smart phones can be used to add, remove and edit their albums and galleries. And no matter how large their galleries become, there will be no slow down inside the Muse interface.
Use a free Flickr account with 1TB of image storage, Lightroom, smart devices and our LR Deck widget to gain full content control of your sites galleries.

Accessible through Lightroom, Lightroom Mobile, smart device apps, web browsers.
Unlimited amount of galleries and pictures.
Arrange albums, pictures and set hero images.
Fullscreen galleries.
Resizes for mobile.
Lightbox galleries.
Square, track and grid galleries.
Create/use custom gallery navigation icons.
Unlimited images without slowing down the Muse interface.
Customers can control their own content.
1TB of free image storage with Flickr.