Image Swipe

Created by: - Requires Subscription

Show-off before and after images with this cool widget. Easy to use slide bar that can be dragged back and forth both vertically and horizontally. Offering website visitors the ability to see before and after images can be a very powerful marketing and sales technique.

This widget works on smart phones, tablets in addition to home computers and laptops. The image swipe helps create an immersive environment for your customer with very little work.

Options include:

  • Set image swipe to Horizontal or Verticle.
  • Upload before and after images.
  • Set slider color.
  • Set left and right slider offset.
  • Choose to show or hide labels.

Usage Ideas...

  • Image editing.
  • Makeup or hair.
  • Construction work.
  • Image filters.
  • Landscape gardening work.

*Free with subscription or $5.00 purchased individually