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At last- the Content Management platform for Adobe Muse.

Design beautiful blogs and showcases in Adobe Muse. Your clients can manage them effortlessly.

Publiz has created an advanced, powerful custom widgetåÊfor you to design and manage content. Create beautiful blogs and showcases in Muse, using the familiar Muse tools you love.

  • No installation, no code, no headache.
  • Drag and drop the Publiz widget into your Muse web page, and design using all the visual tools in Muse.
  • Easily choose a grid, list or masonry layout.

It's that simple.

Complete freedom in your design, unrestricted options and utmost control. Design without limits.

Give your clients a beautiful blog and showcase they can swiftly update.

Publiz is a intuitive content management platform that simply links with your design in muse. Your clients will easily update content on their platform. You will easily design the formatÊin Adobe Muse. The two will automatically sync.

  • Manage your content with a powerful, intuitive platform. A beautifully simple interface.
  • Finally, your clients can update and publish their content easily.
  • Advanced features and options. A simple, self understood interface.
  • Features include tags, custom slugs and a page numbering system.

It won't take more than 5 minutes for you to show your clients how to update and manage their content on Publiz.

Publish within a SEO-friendly, web-optimized framework.

They'll instinctively navigate their way through content management. You won't ever be their IT support ever again. When you finish designing a website, you're truly done.

Fully hosted on Amazon Web Servers, your platform automatically updates when Publiz adds new features and collections.

Train your clients into Publiz in five minutes. It's that simple.